Adapted Indoor Cricket 2020/21

An extraordinary summer of cricket where all pre season plans were thrown out & MJCA competitions were forcibly scrapped but were replaced with highly successful series of friendly matches. The indoor season is proving no less challenging but competitive cricket returns for eight age-groups.

Bringing the indoor arena outdoors has meant trying to find the right size of playing area and the right surface, as well as appropriate balls for each age-groups. Are the fences high enough? Is there ceiling netting? Is there a roof and also sufficient ventilation? Could the ball find its way through gaps – and can the rules be adapted for that eventuality? We’ve had to look for power points and eyeline vantage points for umpires; hopefully the keyboards will work through their mittens. Even the weather now is a consideration, and only time will tell as the temperatures drop.

Westway Sport & Fitness Centre

We’ve had amazing support from the centre, who also have 2 nets for hire.

And importantly, they have been able to give us access to two suitable five-a-side football pitches that can be adapted for the matches to take place.  Games will be scored and can be followed

live on A huge debt of gratitude is in order to AIS Birmingham for facilitating this.

New Balls Please

More good news: after years of lobbying from Roger Rebelo, the international governing body has provided bespoke junior-sized match balls. We look forward to seeing them in action.

Competitions and Fixtures

Since the ECBIC rules were adapted in 2015 and the indoor cricket centres in London at Canary Wharf and Whitechapel closed, finding suitable, available and cost-effective alternatives had meant stripping down or even suspending some competitions. 

Until we return to Tier 3 the fixtures have all been cancelled however depending on a resumption date the revised fixtures have been drafted & are ready to go should the all clear be given. See below

21st & / or 28th February start

7th March start

14th March start

With Thanks to

My thanks to all those clubs who have supported the indoor competitions over this period and also the organisations below.