Indoor Cricket (adapted)

Revisiting the Last Two Seasons

In October 2021, the indoor finals were held for the 2019/20 at Lords as was the 2020/21 finals preceded by eliminators at Westway where we had been obliged to move the indoor game outdoors due to covid restrictionsbut which showed the resilience & adaptability of the coaches, players & admin at our best .   See alongside;

Gunnersbury Hub

Since then the focus has been on the 2021/22 season & with a new venue at Gunnersbury and we are no longer COVID restricted to playing indoor cricket outdoors.  Consequently I’m pleased to say that we have been once again able to expand the age groups & competitions to 2018 levels & are currently running them at U10s, U11s, U13s, U15s & U17s and also for girls at U12s, U14s & U16s. All matches are held on Sundays between 4pm & 8pm at Gunnersbury with the full indoor area being subdivided into 2 sections so matches can be held simultaneously.

“The tournament was so much fun for the kids & parents”

-Sapna Chadha, South Hampstead.

Lords Finals Day

The finals for each age group will take place at Lords again throughout the day on the 20th March 2022.  Cost per team per game is set at £48 which includes independent umpires/scorers & results & tables are loaded onto the AICE website.

National Competitions

In addition, successful teams are also invited to compete nationally at purpose built centres in Derby & Leicester & also at the Birmingham Indoor Centre which is the UK’s main indoor centre & can host up to 3 matches simultaneously. The best players will also be selected for regional & national sides with age group world cups held every 3 years.

Competitions and Fixtures

Since the ECBIC rules were adapted in 2015 and the indoor cricket centres in London at Canary Wharf and Whitechapel closed, finding suitable, available and cost-effective alternatives has meant stripping down or even suspending some competitions. The Gunnersbury Park Hub now provides us the facility to offer all the age group competitions in an adapted arena. The 2022/23 fixtures are below 

With Thanks to

My thanks to all those clubs who have supported the indoor competitions over this period and also the organisations below.