Whether it be Mike Gatting, Angus Fraser, Mark Ramprakash, Toby Roland-Jones or Luke Hollman they all have one thing in common – they started their cricketing careers playing as a junior at MJCA clubs. You then look at the number of players who are now playing cricket at a recreational level in Middlesex (and all over the UK and world no doubt) who have come through the same system and you begin to realise how important the work of MJCA is to our wonderful game of cricket in these challenging times.

So many people in Middlesex freely give their time, expertise and energy to their clubs and Middlesex Cricket; however, all this amazing activity that takes place needs support if we are to continue to enthuse the next generation of players into our game.

Cricket lovers everywhere know it makes sense to keep youth cricket alive at the clubs by providing festivals, competitions and support MJCA can help clubs in developing their young players so that they fall in love with the game. We all know that playing cricket is a great way to help with society’s fitness and wellbeing agenda as well as helping social cohesion and providing life opportunities and development that no other sport can offer.

To become an Associate Member, please download the form, print and send to the Treasurer (details on form)

By being an Associate Member you will support all of our activities – just think the next time you see a young adult who has come through an MJCA club on the cricket field how proud you will feel having made a contribution to their development. They could be:-

  • playing for Middlesex or hopefully England;
  • captaining your clubs 1st XI;
  • a regular 3rd XI player who plays week in, week out;
  • an umpire or scorer
  • a Treasurer or someone who just helps out with administration

The annual subscription is £10.00; but of course, larger amounts will be more than welcome! If you pay under Gift Aid we can derive an extra benefit because we are a registered charity. We can assure you that every penny raised through your membership with go straight towards providing cricketing opportunities for young people throughout Middlesex.





Clubs seeking membership to the MJCA (Middlesex Junior Cricket Association) must request an application form from the Chairman (see Committees page).

The other consideration is that clubs seeking membership should be aware of the MJCA constitution that states ‘MEMBER CLUBS – any youth club, youth section of a club, or like institution who are affiliated to the Middlesex Cricket Board, have an open membership policy; are situated within the County of Middlesex as defined by the MCB Articles of Association, or if outside these boundaries, play in a senior competition run by a MCB Member Association; and any school or like institution situated within the borough of Middlesex as defined above.’

The constitution also states,’ All member clubs must have ECB ‘Clubmark’ accreditation.

New clubs must have begun the process as part of their probationary year and complete accreditation before the MJCA accept them as full member clubs.’

The application once received by the County Executive, is investigated by the appropriate Area Chairman. The Chairman will initially contact the named person on the phone and if necessary visit the club’s ground to check out the facilities.

When an application for membership is accepted by the County Executive, this is normally on a ‘one year trial basis’ in the first instance.

A requirement of membership is that the new club will play friendlies, against established local clubs in the first season, with a view to becoming full members, playing League and Cup matches, from the next season.