Outdoor Competition Rules


The rules on this page and (linked age group rules pages) are those currently in force.  Clubs proposing a rule change must send it to their area chairman. The area chairman will then seek agreement from the clubs in his/her area. If agreement is reached by majority, the Area chairman should bring this to the county cricket committee in September or October for discussion. The recommendation of the cricket committee will then be passed to the executive committee for approval.

Leagues and cups are organised geographically in the five MJCA Areas at Under 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 17 age groups and nearly all conclude with a County wide Knock-out Championship. The age qualification is Under 9, 10 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 17 at midnight on 31st August prior to the season of the competition. A player who fulfils the age qualification for more than one competition is entitled to play in any matches for which he qualifies.


On occasions, clubs have contravened this rule. It is hoped that the table below will give added clarification as MJCA do not wish this practise to be repeated.

Players may play above their own age level but not below. This means, for example, that an Under-11 may play at Under-13, but not at Under-10.

UNDER 9 Born between 1st September 2011 and midnight on 31st August 2012. School Year 4 and younger.

UNDER 10 Born between 1st September 2010 and midnight on 31st August 2011. School Year 5 and younger.

UNDER 11 Born between 1st September 2009 and midnight on 31st August 2010. School Year 6 and younger.

UNDER 12 Born between 1st September 2008 and midnight on 31st August 2009. School Year 7 and younger.

UNDER 13 Born between 1st September 2007 and midnight on 31st August 2008. School Year 8 and younger.

UNDER 14 Born between 1st September 2006 and midnight on 31st August 2007. School Year 9 and younger.

UNDER 15 Born between 1st September 2005 and midnight on 31st August 2006. School year 10 and younger.

UNDER 16 Born between 1st September 2004 and midnight on 31st August 2005. School year 11 and younger.

UNDER 17 Born between 1st September 2003 and midnight on 31st August 2004. School year 12 and younger.

Girls, up to 17 years of age, may play in boys matches in a team 1 year below their own chronological age group.

This does not apply to the U/13 and U/15 boy’s cups, where girls can only play in their own age groups.

U9 Rules

U13 Rules

Girls Rules

U10 Rules

U14 Rules

U11 Rules

U15 Rules

U12 Rules

U17 Rules

Rules Common to all Age Groups

  1. Only clubs in membership of The Middlesex Junior Cricket Association may enter teams.
  2. All clubs membership application forms must request, as a minimum requirement for each child:
    1. Full name
    2. Full address
    3. Telephone number
    4. Emergency Contact and Telephone Number
    5. Place and date of birth
    6. School and school year
    7. To wear a helmet as directed by current regulations
    8. Details of any other current and/or previous memberships of MJCA affiliated cricket clubs.
    9. Any relevant medical information.
      This form MUST be signed and dated by the child’s parent or legal guardian. New forms to be taken each year but a shorter form (still to be signed and dated by a parent or legal guardian) may be used for renewals.
      A register containing the above eight requirements is to be maintained by the club. Such register shall be made available for inspection by the Area, Cricket and Executive Committees of MJCA.
  3. Clubs entering more than one team at the same age level in any competition shall nominate separate squads of players from which each team shall be selected. Players from their ‘B’ or ‘C’ teams may play for a higher team (ie ‘A’ or ‘B’) from the same club, in the same age group. However, under the previous sentence, no player may play for a lower ranked team. “A” squads shall have a minimum of 15 players in their squad unless the B team is in the third division, in which case the minimum number of players in the A squad shall be 8.  Lists of the nominated squads shall be lodged with the appropriate Area Chairman before the commencement of the season. Players joining a club during a season shall be put into a squad by their club and the Area Chairman notified accordingly.
  4. To be eligible to play in any Middlesex Junior Cricket Association competition, a player may only play junior cricket for a Middlesex club and may not represent any other club in another county in their junior competitions. In exceptional circumstances, the regulation in the preceding sentence may be waived but only following written clearance from the current Chairman of the MJCA Cricket Committee. Having played for one club in any particular league or cup competition, no player may play for another club in that or any other league or cup competition during the same season. Overseas players (i.e. players who are not permanently resident in the British Isles) must complete a 3 month residency before they can play in any MJCA match. Cases where the position is not clear shall be referred well in advance of their first game by the member club to the Chairman of County Cricket Committee for consideration. If any club fields an ineligible player in any match the opposing team shall be awarded that match.
  5. Except where otherwise agreed when the fixture is arranged, the starting time for an evening match shall be 6pm and for a weekend game shall be no later than 10am. Provided both sides agree before play commences, a match of fewer than 20 overs per side, but always in multiples of five, may be played. Any team not ready to play 15 minutes after the appointed start time shall forfeit their right to toss. If the match starts at 18 30 or later it should be reduced to 15 overs per side with bowlers bowling 3 overs each.
  6. The MJCA Cricket Committee shall act as referee in any dispute which may arise.
  7. All league fixtures and first game cup ties will be struck at Area fixture meetings. All league matches MUST be completed on the dates specified on the MJCA Play-Cricket website.
  8. Any first game Cup ties will be struck at Area fixture meetings. Subsequent MJCA knock-out matches will be advised to the competing teams as soon as possible. Within 48 hours of the fixture being advised, the Home team shall offer the Away team 2 midweek dates, which must be in different weeks where time allows. The dates must be within the published timescale but must not include dates where the Away team has an arranged game in that age group shown in the MJCA handbook. Dates offered must not be within 36 hours of the offer. A weekend date can be arranged only if BOTH teams agree.
    The Away team must advise the Home team of the date being accepted within 24 hours of the offer. If the Home team fails to offer dates within the above criteria then the venue switches and the previously away team has the option to offer the location and dates.  If the Away team fails to accept one of the dates offered within 24 hours THE OFFENDER WILL FORFEIT THE MATCH.
    It is recommended that the competition organiser is advised of dates offered, accepted and agreed.
  9. If a Cup or Knockout fixture is unable to be completed due to bad weather or ground conditions, both teams shall try to arrange a new date, switching venues if necessary. The Competition organiser may, at their discretion and if time allows, agree a short extension of time to the play-by date to facilitate completion of the fixture. If a match cannot be completed then a bowl-out may take place to decide the match.
    Bowl-out: Five players from each team are nominated to bowl alternatively at a set of stumps in two rounds of five —the team scoring most hits is the winner—in the event of a tie the same players shall bowl again in the same order on a sudden death basis until a winner is established.
    Any knock-out match not completed by either playing or a bowl-out, shall be decided by the toss of a coin.
    Team Manager of the winning side MUST inform the competition organiser of the result within 24 hours.
    Failure to do so will mean elimination from the competition.
  10. Each team shall provide an umpire and a scorer, who shall not be the same person. Any umpire changed during a match shall be allowed to take full responsibility for umpiring at one end as normal.
  11. Reporting results: Results of all competitive matches must be reported as follows;

AREA LEAGUE MATCHES – By uploading to MJCA Play-cricket.  If the League Record Secretary of the appropriate Area has not received a result advice from a club within 3 days of the scheduled date of a match, that club shall not be awarded any points for that match. This to apply to all scheduled matches whether played or not

COUNTY LEAGUE KNOCK-OUT CHAMPIONSHIP and COUNTY CUP QUARTER FINALS, SEMI FINALS AND FINALS – By uploading to MJCA Play-Cricket and contacting John Ventham on johnvent@hotmail.co.uk or 07769 657 032.

ALL AREA CUP MATCHES – by uploading to MJCA Play-Cricket and contacting your area chairman on the day of the result by telephone or email.


  1. League matches: The result shall be decided on a single innings basis with the team scoring most runs being the winner. If the scores are equal on the completion of each innings the result shall be a tie
  2. Knock-out matches: In the event of the scores being level on the completion of each innings the team having taken the greater number of wickets shall be the winner. Retired out shall not count as a wicket taken.
    If still equal: The team with the higher score at the end of 19, 18 overs etc. until a winner is established.


MJCA do not want the act of Mankading becoming prevalent in our cricket matches.This act is outside the spirit of cricket which we vigorously  support and try to enforce. Therefore the following rule will be adopted for MJCA matches for 2019 onwards.

Should a bowler attempt to run out a batsman in this manner, then a warning to the batsman concerned must be given before a run out can take place. Should a run out be requested before a warning the umpire should call dead ball. It is also suggested that umpires keep an eye on batsmen who leave their ground early and advise them that they maybe liable to being run out should it continue.


Area league play-off winners shall be entitled to take part in a knock-out competition to determine the County League Champion of each age group.

For matches in the League knockout competition, up to and including the quarter-final stage, the Cricket Committee recommends that a grass pitch is used. However, if an artificial pitch is to be used the home team official must stipulate this when the match is arranged, otherwise the away team may claim the game. In all County Semi-finals and Finals, a grass wicket shall be used, unless both teams agree otherwise.


The Victor Ludorum Trophy is awarded annually by the Rotary Club of St. Marylebone ot the overall most successful club entering MJCA League and Cup competitions at Under 11, Under 12, Under 13, Under 14, Under 15 and Under 17 age groups.  The winner is decided by a points system for progression in each competition.

  1. Results will be considered at Under 11, Under 12, Under 13, Under 14, Under 15 and Under 17 Cup and League competitions. “B” and “C” team results shall not count.
  2. The Chairman of the Cricket Committee will adjudicate. League and cup organisers should ensure he receives league tables and results of knock-out matches in the County League Championship and all cup matches.


At the end of the league season on 4th July 2021, there will be Play-off matches in each Area between the winners of Divisions Two who will be away to the second placed team from Division One.

If there is a tie for any place in any division, the higher placed team for that division will be decided by:- 1. The winner of most points in head to head matches, 2. The highest average runs per wicket (runs scored / wickets lost) in the head to head matches.

The winners of each Area Division One, at each age group, automatically qualify for the County League Play-Offs. Except in the following:- Central Under 12, Central Under 14, Central Under 17, East Under 17, West Under 12, West Under 14, West Under 17 where the top 2 in Division One will automatically qualify. These are shown on the relevant page on the MJCA Play-Cricket website as “East 1” or “West 1” or “South 1” etc., as appropriate.

AREA PLAY OFFS to be completed by the following dates:-

  • Under 11 – Wednesday 14th July
  • Under 12 – Wednesday 21st July
  • Under 13 – Sunday 18th July
  • Under 14 – Wednesday 14th July
  • Under 15 – Wednesday 21st July
  • Under 17 – Wednesday 21st July