U9 Outdoor Competition Rules

Suggested Rules

There are no official rules for Under 9s matches, nor official leagues and cups.  The areas are at liberty to make up their own structures and rules.  The following rules have been suggested by the ECB for the 2019 season.

  1. 6 or 8 players a side to be agreed bilaterally based on numbers both clubs can field
  2. Pairs cricket 12 overs per side (60 to 90 minutes per match)
  3. Soft ball
  4. Modified pitch on outfield or non turf pitch
  5. Pitch length 15 yards (this is shorter than the 17 yards for under 10s)
  6. Boundary 30 yards
  7. No Pads and helmet optional
  8. Teams can contain boys and girls
  9. No league table; no points for wins, etc.
  10. Under 10s cannot play down into these teams, Under 8s can play up